Morialta Secondary College values learning that is authentic, rigorous and ensures all students have access to the breadth and depth of the Australian Curriculum. We align deep disciplinary knowledge, understanding and skills to the capabilities and dispositions that will support our young people to fulfil their potential and empower them to shape their future. We are committed to helping every learner find their purpose and values; and develop their ability to exercise agency in the pursuit of individual learning goals.

Students in year 7 and 8 undertake a range of subjects across the eight learning areas of the Australian Curriculum, enabling them to experience the depth of each discipline and make informed curriculum choices as they progress further in their schooling. They undertake a full year of english, mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences, health and physical education, and Italian. Students also study 6 semester long subjects (3 per semester) of music, drama, visual art, design technology, digital technology, and food technology.

Inspire Program

The Inspire program is a semester long subject that enables students to develop voice, choice, and agency in a learning area of interest.

Inspire programs challenge students to work collaboratively, independently, and interdependently, in innovative and creative ways.

This style of learning gives students the chance to develop their capabilities, metacognition, and goal setting skills.

Student work is publicly exhibited and celebrated by the school and local community.

Student devices

Our students are required to use the iPad Air (5th generation) as their device.

Our leadership team have partnered with Adelaide University’s School of Education to identify the evidenced based research supporting a mobile learning device for middle school learners. Our college leaders have visited leading schools in Queensland and Victoria using this technology to learn about how iPads are enhancing engagement and learning outcomes.

Students are able to film, photograph, write, record and type to produce creative and interesting pieces of work.

The iPad and Apple Pencil must be purchased through the school, with payment plans available.

The iPad is managed by the College, ensuring we can provide a consistent software and hardware experience for all students. On-site IT support is also available.