Connect Program

At Morialta Secondary College we encourage excellence in all forms, where every student can progress with their learning and grow as an individual.  Our Connect program is a developmental program specifically designed for each year level and stages of adolescence and follow our pillars to enable students to belong, achieve and become. Our college values weave throughout the Connect program. 

Connect places an importance on knowing our students as individuals, whilst ensuring they feel they belong to the college and wider community, acting respectfully and empathetically to become active, responsible and successful global citizens. 

All students are active members of a Connect class, supported by their Connect teacher who will deliver the program and monitor students learning and wellbeing. There are 3 Connect lessons per week. The Connect teacher is a key contact for both students and their families. 

Middle Years (7 to 9)

The Connect program assists students with their transition as they embark on their secondary schooling learning journey. Students will have time and opportunities to foster new relationships and develop a sense of belonging to the college where they feel safe and connected and build a sense of pride in their new environment. 

Students will be involved in a variety of activities and experiences including personal development, goal setting and developing a growth mind set to develop as resilient, confident and self-directed learners. In Connect students will learn about and celebrate some significant local, national, international and cultural events. 

Students will also participate in the middle years Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, a respectful relationships and child safety curriculum for children and young people. This curriculum covers 4 focus areas: The right to be safe, Relationships, Recognising and reporting abuse, Protective strategies.